A Holistic Healing Journey

You know, it was a traditional healing . . . it reached deep into my
soul and just made me feel real. And, I mean, this is real. This is
from the old people, you know. They’ve come back to help, to
talk, to be with, to share, you know. Even to laugh a little bit. It
was just incredible. (Bassett, Tsosie, & Nannuck, 2012, p. 24)

The prevalence of depression and anxiety disorders in indigenous people of the Americas: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Lastly, Indigenous people may be reluctant to admit to mental illness because it may add to pre-existing prejudice and discrimination (Gary, 2005). As a result, negative connotations associated with mental illness, as well as different concepts of mental health, may be barriers to diagnosis and so distort the prevalence rates of psychiatric conditions. This is heightened by a focus on Western diagnostic categories that have ignored alternative beliefs or understandings of mental illness (O’Nell, 1989).  – Kisely et al., 2016